How to get rid of an exponent using log

Are you trying to learn How to get rid of an exponent using log? If so, you have come to the right place.

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Learn how to solve an exponential equation by taking natural

How do you get rid of an exponent in math? Another way to eliminate exponents is to convert exponents into a more manageable form, with the logarithm function. Graph of common log.
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Solving Exponential Equations using Logarithms

A logarithm is the inverse of an exponent. The equation log x = 100 is another way of writing 10_ x _ = 100. This relationship makes it possible to
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How to Solve an Exponential Equation by Taking the Log of

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Solving exponential equations using logarithms: base-10 (video)

Key Steps in Solving Exponential Equations without Logarithms. Make the base on both sides of the equation the SAME. so that if \large {b^ {\color {blue}M}} = {b^ {\color {red}N}} bM = bN.

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