Find the area of the region by integrating with respect to y

In this blog post, we will show you how to Find the area of the region by integrating with respect to y.

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6.1: Areas between Curves

In this video, I find the area of a shaded region by integrating with respect to y. We could have also integrated with respect to x to find the area, but it would involve more than

Calculus I

If you now want to do integration with respect to x, begin by expressing your two functions as functions of x: y = ± x, y = − x 2 + 4. And then find where the curves intersect each
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Finding area of a region on graph using integration.

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Solved 1. y=x^2 y=12-x a)Find the area of the region by

so the Area is `125/6 ` `(b)` area of the region with respect to y is Area = `int _-3 ^2 [(y-2)-(4-y^2)] dy` = `[y^2/2 -2y -4y+y^3/3]_-3 ^2` =` [4/2 -4 -8 +8/3]-[9/2 +6+12-27/3]`

Solved Consider the following. y = x2 y = 12 − x (a) Find

y = x2 y = 2 − x (a) Find the area of the region by integrating with respect to This problem has been solved! You'll get a detailed solution from a subject matter expert that helps you learn

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