How to find complex roots of a polynomial

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Lesson Explainer: Real and Complex Roots of Polynomials

In the case of quadratic polynomials , the roots are complex when the discriminant is negative. Example 1: Factor completely, using complex numbers. First, factor out an . Now use the

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For a polynomial with real coefficients the complex roots (which are not real) appear in conjugate pairs i.e., if a + i b is a root then a − i b is also a root. Since degree of
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Polynomials with Complex Roots

To determine the possible number of negative Real zeros, look at the signs of the coefficients of f ( −x). This is the same as reversing the sign on terms of odd degree. For

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How to solve a complex polynomial?

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Complex conjugate root theorem

A polynomial function f (x) = ax^2 + bx + c = 0 has complex roots if the discriminant is negative. That is if b^2 - 4ac find complex roots you do nothing different as when you are finding

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