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Sometimes the AI can't understand the problem, but, there is a great edit mode for when it makes a mistake, so it is an easy fix, only just got this on my phone, however have been using iPad version for months, i gave it five on five but if there was ten stars than i liked to give them all of them.

Hubert Miller

I thank the owner of the idea of ​​this application, it honestly baffles me how great this app is, and it started off on algebra which I'm doing, so yay, this is so much faster than looking all over the internet to find an answer to compare to, the best part is they show solving steps and also alternate methods to solve them.

Donald Graves

First of all I like that you can take a picture of your problem and It can recognize it for you, but most of all how it explains the problem step by step, instead of just giving you the answer.

Jay Walker

Complex number calculator

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Complex Conjugate Calculator

The sum of a complex number plus its complex conjugate equals twice the real component of the complex number, i.e. z + z = 2 R e ( z ). The difference between a complex

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Calculate Complex Conjugate of Real / Imaginary Numbers

Complex conjugate and absolute value (1) conjugate: ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯a+bi =a−bi (2) absolute value: |a+bi| =√a2+b2 C o m p l e x c o n j u g a t e a n d a b s o l u t e v a l u e ( 1) c o n j u g a t e: a + b