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Finding terms in a sequence

Explicit way/formula for determining a term (say rth term) in a sequence. a r = a 1 + (r-1)d. (for last (nth) term) ⇢ a n = a 1 + (n-1)d. Here, a r is the r th term in a sequence. a 1 is the

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Number Sequence Calculator

Condition 1: If the first common difference is a constant, use the linear equation ax + b = 0 in finding the general term of the sequence. a. Pick two pairs of numbers from the table and form two equations. The value of n from

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Finite Sequence: Definition & Examples

Writing a general rule for a sequence provides a more elegant and oftentimes more efficient way to find unknown terms in a sequence. Find the 12^ {\text {th}} 12th term in the sequence 1, 4, 9


Finding the Terms of a Recursive Sequence Step 1 : Use the given first term or terms to compute the next term in the sequence. Step 2 : Repeat this process, using already given or computed


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Arithmetic Progression (AP)

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Geometric Sequences

Free Sequences calculator - find sequence types, indices, sums and progressions step-by-step
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Arithmetic Sequence

Step 1: Find the difference consecutive terms in the sequence & check whether the difference is the same for each pair of terms. For example, consider a sequence 3,17,? ,45. Step 2: Heck

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