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How to Use The French Pronouns Y and EN

The French pronouns Y and EN have a very specific use ad they can't be mixed up. Y is used to replace a place previously mentioned in the conversation or to

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Your Essential Guide to Tricky French Pronouns “Y” and “En”

The YBT requires the athlete to balance on one leg whilst simultaneously reaching as far as possible with the other leg in three separate directions: anterior, posterolateral, and posteromedial. Therefore, this test

How to Use the Pronoun Y in French

'Y disk' бүх төрлийн гар утас, tablet болон компьютeрт холбогдож мэдээллээ үзэх, хуулах, зөөх, засварлах зэрэг
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French Pronouns: En vs. Y

Any straight line can be written as an equation in the form y = mx + b. When the equation is in this form, the variable m is the slope, and b is the y

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