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This app is a 10/10, it would help alot if you made it slightly easier to show the answer, and without ads there, this is a fantastic calculator which many different areas of math incorporated, a little tricky sometimes but extremely helpful in breaking down the steps so I understand what I'm doing.

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It's pretty cool it does give the answers but now the work that sucks you have to put premium in order to get the full work, really helpful and I would recommend to anyone in high school or even middle school math.

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The Difference of Two Squares

This operation—multiplying two vectors' entries in pairs and summing—arises often in applications of linear algebra and is also foundational in the theory of linear algebra. Definition. The dot product of two vectors in is defined by.

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We know that: This formula is used to factorise some algebraic expressions.. Example 5. Solution: Taking out a Common Factor. To factorise an algebraic expression, always look for a common factor.If there is a common factor, then