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Length and Width of a Rectangle

Width Width is commonly used to describe the measure of an object from side to side, or, particularly in shapes and geometry, width is the shorter side of an object. Refer to the rectangles below. Both are the same rectangle, but one is
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How to Find Width of a Rectangle with Perimeter and Length

Calculating the Width of the Rectangular Prism using the Height, the Volume and the Length of the Rectangular Prism. w = V / lh Where; w = Width of the rectangular prism V = Volume of the rectangular prism l = Length of the

Find Missing Width Of A Rectangle When Area And Length Is

The formula used by this calculator to calculate the unknown length or width of a rectangular shaped surface is: L2 = A / L1. Symbols. A = Area; L1 = 1st Length L2 = 2nd Length; Area. Enter the area of the rectangular shaped surface, and

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4 Ways to Find the Width of a Rectangle

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Find width of rectangle with area 288 and length twice width

Using the Diagonal and Length 1. Set up the formula for the diagonal of a rectangle. The formula is , where equals the length of the rectangle’s 2. Plug the values for the diagonal and side length into the formula. Make sure you substitute for the correct variables. 3. Square both sides of the See more