Michael Terry

Good app, but it use vertical (portrait) camera orientation only. Right now it can't solve word problems but I am damn sure it will be in the future. Literally saved my grade as I could never pay attention to the teacher.

Paul Woodruff

This is simply brilliant, this app has helped me with many, many homework, no idea how can This app read my hand-writing though. I don't personally use this app because I no longer attend school, however I help my nephew with his homework and I recommended that he tries This app for help. I SUGGEST.

Decide math equation

3 Ways to Find the Slope of an Equation

To find the slope using a general or standard form equation, use the slope formula: m=-A/B where A and B are integer variables found in the equation. The m is the slope.

Finding the Slope of a Line from the Equation 1

To find the slope of a linear equation, start by rearranging the given equation into slope-intercept form, which is y = mx + b. In slope-intercept form

Determine mathematic problem

You can use math to determine all sorts of things, like how much money you'll need to save for a rainy day.

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