Homework 2 segment addition postulate

Name: . Esther Bensadon Unit 1: Geometry Basics Date: Per: Homework 2: Segment Addition Postulate * This is a 2-page document! * * Use the. Study Resources. Main Menu; by School; by Literature Title; by Subject; by Study

Unit 1 Geometry Basics Homework 2 Segment

1. IfLM= 22 and MN= 15, find LN 2. IfLN= 54 and LM= 31, find MN 3.IfRT= 36, find the value of x. 4. IfDF= 9x–39, find 5.IfUW= 6x–35, find UW. 6. IfHJ= 7x–27, find the value of 7.IfBD= 7x–10, BC=

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2-Segment Addition Postulate.ks-ig

Segment Addition Postulate age document! ** 1, If LM = 22

Use the Segment Addition Postulate to determine how many stories lie above John's floor. 4) Using the diagram below, find the length of segment BC. Solutions 1) Since B

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geometry basics homework 2: segment addition postulate I

The answers to the geometry questions attached are : UV = 67 x = 67 BD = 88 BC = 26 CD = 61 5.) UW = 6x - 35 UW = UV + VW ( total length of a line segment) UV = 19 VW = 4x -

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